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I have two goals for Thick that are larger than myself. First, that it increases sex-positivity and thus happiness, similar to Playboy during the sexual revolution. Second, that it reduces society’s negative outlook on sex workers - I believe that the work itself is not inherently damaging, but society’s view on the work is.


Sex Positivity

Playboy created some value by entertaining readers with their magazine. However, I would argue that the majority of the value they created was the increase in sex-positivity during Playboy’s heyday, and the happiness that resulted from it.


My goal for Thick is to continue that trend. I hope that people enjoy the product, but my greater hope is that I’m able to cause people to view sex in a more positive light.


Sex Workers as Outcasts

My less obvious goal is to reduce sex workers’ placement as outcasts.


I feel that sex work (in this essay it includes related work, like performers for Thick) is not a damaging line of work. Society’s view on the workers is what creates the bulk of the damage.


Oftentimes, people are outcasts when they join the sexual workforce. After the job change, they’re further looked down upon, which creates resentment between them and the mainstream.


Because the mainstream won’t associate with them - they’re forced to associate with other outcasts, some of which are in a line of work which is truly damaging to the world. Work like theft, human trafficking, fraud, etc.


It is a completely unproven (thus, possible to be incorrect) theory of mine that simply viewing sex workers in a positive light will have a huge positive impact on society. I hope it's correct.


​- Hunter

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